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Our Choice Varieties

Our Tomatoes

We don't usually like to brag, HA! but if there's one thing we do well at the nursery, it's growing tomatoes! We start them indoors under lights in the beginning of February. They are transplanted into organic compost 4 weeks later, watered in with warm kelp water and placed in the greenhouse on heat mats for 5 weeks. We give them a dose of kelp and organic fish fertilizer each week, until mid April, when they are hardened off and released with you into the wild! We do 5 rounds of this so we have fresh batches all the way up until the end of June.

We grow for sale over 20 varieties of cherry, salad, beefsteak and paste tomatoes.  We have tried 40 varieties on the farm over the past 15 years. These are our favorites and the ones we still grow now, chosen for they're epic flavor and high productivity in our bio-region.

Cherry Tomatoes
tomato tumbler.jpg
Tomato Washinton cherry.jpg
Tom Gold Nugget.jpg
Salad Tomatoes
Beefsteak Tomatoes
Paste Tomatoes


Please email or call with questions about Victoria Edible Nursery. Ask for Jesse.


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