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Annual vegetable plants are our primary focus. Almost any vegetable you'd want to grow, we have!


For the past 15 years, as farmers,  we've sought out the best varieties  selected for their incredible flavour & high yields. We built our nursery from our experience farming and carry only the most abundant and desirable varieties. Our plants are grown in living soil & best suited for our climate region. 

Tomatoes are our specialty!

Our Plants


The gardens savings account! As the years go by, perennials become more and more abundant! Give structure to your garden and variety to your diet with our numerous varieties of perennial berries, fruits and medicinals.

The majority of our perennials are grown from seed or cutting on site. Each year we bring a few berry varieties in from another trusted local nursery.


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Sage & Lavender

Add year round beauty to your garden by accentuating with culinary herbs. They always look good, smell amazing & taste even better, used in your home cooking. Nothing beats fresh herbs and the deer don't like them!

Insectary plants are flowering perennials that attract and feed beneficial insects. Adding insectary plants will promote a healthy population of pollinators and pest predators.

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