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When can I plant tomatoes?

** We now have a fresh stock of enormous Tomato Plants available every week **

We've been farming in downtown Victoria

now for 15 years. When it comes to tomatoes, we're always trying to get a head start! That's why we plant our first round in the greenhouse. When does that happen? Well it depends.

We usually feel confident to get our babies in the ground the 1st or 2nd week of April. This year it will be the beginning of the 3rd week. It's a cold year.

We are expecting the last week of April to be a good time to plant our healthy tomato starts outside of the greenhouse, & we still recommend some kind of temporary cover like floating row cover (remay), or clear poly for an easeful transition and to speed up early spring growth.

Indego Drops

Transplant into a cloche

A cloche is an incredibly useful and versatile

DIY farm technology that every home gardener could bring into their back yard for season extension and faster production.

A cloche is basically a mini greenhouse that you can instantly install anywhere in your garden and move around whenever you want.

At mason st farm we use them to direct sow our salad greens in January, and to plant out our tomatoes in early April.

Materials: 1/2 PVC irrigation pipe and clear poly or 'remay'.

You can also trade out your heating cover with mesh netting to protect crops like cauliflower or carrots from pesky early spring pests.

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