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Edible Nursery

Mason Street Farm        1015 Balmoral Rd

Victoria, BC
Now Open
1015 Balmoral Rd
Plant Features This Week!
$2 for all Beans, Sunflowers & edible annual flowers!
$4 for Peppers, Eggplant & Tomatillo
$4 for all Tomato Varieties
Our plants are grown on site in Certified Organic Compost
We are non-spray and non GMO

1015 Balmoral Rd Victoria BC V8T1A7   |   250-884-0223   |

For over 10 years, our Garden Centre has been providing Victoria's thriving garden community with vigorous and hardy vegetable plant starts, edible perennials, fruit & nut trees and herbs.

Our non-spray, non-GMO plants are grown in certified organic potting soil from seed on our site in the heart of Victoria.*

We take special detailed care for each plant to ensure our customers go home with plants primed for a successful transition, growth and harvest from your garden!

Come talk to our knowledgeable staff. Say 'Hi' to our farm chickens & take home a lush bounty of every edible vegetable plant you could want to grow.

*We bring in some perennials that are not grown organically onsite for re-sale to increase the diversity of perennials we can offer customers.


We grow over 150 tried & true varieties of edible vegetable, flower, perennial & herb plants, selected for their incredible flavour & high yields. Our plants are grown in living soil & best suited for our climate region. 

Join our 24 week food basket and take home fresh, seasonally available produce and eggs from our farm right here in Victoria, It doesn't get any more local than this!

Weekly Food Basket
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The truest way to learn about growing food is to get your hands in the soil alongside farmers and friends!

Join our crew for a month or two. Gain experience & a new community through cultivation.

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